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Chris Doheny has carved himself a unique place in Australian rock history.

Chris was the lead singer for Australian band Geisha between 1983 and 1988.

After signing with EMI Records for the World in 1984, Geisha scored 8 Australian Top 10 singles between 1985 and 1987, reaching number 1 on the charts with the song "Kabuki".

After the break-up of Geisha, Chris was comm-issioned to write for notable Australian acts such as Daryl Braithwaite ("Edge" album), James Blundell, and Lee Kernaghen, as well as international artists Terri Nunn (Berlin) and Andrew Ridgley (Wham).

In the late 1980's, Chris also worked with Australian writer-producer Chong Lim on the soundtrack to an ABC made-for-television film titled "Street Angels".

In 1991 Chris released a mini-album antitled "All The Young Dudes" which was later followed by the formation of a new band, Dragonfly, with Craig Harnath (ex. Kids In The Kitchen) in 1993. Dragonfly achieved Australian chart success scoring two Top 10 singles - "River of Love" and "Black Money".

In 1994, Chris' voice was again heard across the airwaves when he was selected to perform the lead vocal for the theme to the Channel 9 Footy Show, "More Than A Game". The song appeared on the album of the same name the following year.

Chris released another solo single in 1997 entitled "Can You Hear The Rain?" and was also commissioned to work with Working Dog Productions on the DVD & Video of "The Castle".

In 1998 EMI records approached Chris to compile a Geisha "best of" CD. Chris went in to the studio to clean up and digitize the tracks and EMI released an album that year titled "The Very Best Of Geisha". Chris took this opportunity to do some showcase gigs with Geisha which were hugely successful.

In 2005 Chris was approached by American label "Almacantar Records" to distribute the Geisha catalogue in the States. This went so well that Chris travelled over to do some shows during the American summer of 2007.

Upon his return to Australia and over the next couple of years, Chris began sifting through his back catalogue of released, as well as unfinished and unreleased material (some from his days with Geisha) and assembled a new Geisha line-up which included original 80's Geisha member, Tom Hosie, on drums. The results was a brand new 2010 Geisha release, titled "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow", which included brand new Geisha singles "Birthday" and "Mystery Writer" in addition to remastered versions of classic Geisha hits. The release also included covers of two classic songs - "Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" and "Tin Soldier", which Chris included as an hommage to some of his favourite music heroes.

Also during 2010, Chris took on the role of producing releases for Melbourne-based indie outfit "Tricking Emma", overseeing the production of the duo's first two commercial releases - "Boat Afloat" and "TIA (Ticket Inspector's)".

Chris also worked with Philadelphia-based Australian ex-pat Elisa O'Keefe-Smith on the single "Angel At My Table", a song written and previously recorded by Chris himself.

In mid 2011, a brand new Geisha single, titled "Sailing", was released, and from late 2011 and in response to the requests for live performance, Chris put together a brand new venture - the "Oz Made" show is a line up playing classic Australian hits from an extensive back catalogue of material.

In 2012, a new Chris Doheny single was released - an acoustic cover of the Foo Fighters' "Times Like These", which Chris recorded after having been requested to perform the song at two significant events - the Weary Dunlop Luncheon and the Melbourne Rebels Rugby Union match.

And Chris continues his tireless efforts at writing, recording, performing and producing....